Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Jen in Motion...

stays in motion!

I am currently on a 3-day streak of walking 1 mile per day. It's not much, but it IS consistent, which is something I'm apparently getting better at! Most revealing in these last three days, however, has been that now that I have a streak going, it's easier to KEEP going. The hardest was the first day, by far! I know that there will be other very challenging days, but I don't know how many will be harder than that.

I've also noticed that once I start moving, I'm more likely to KEEP moving after the workout is done. This means I'm being more productive at work, getting more things around the house, and just making some smarter, healthier, and productive choices in my life. I've read other bloggers talk about how getting control of their eating really spilled over into their whole lives, and I can see just a little speck of how that might happen. Very exciting!

Finally, I forgot how much moving just makes me FEEL better. I don't really like exercising itself, but my mood is just a little bit more positive and stable with a workout under my belt.

On a side note, tomorrow is a full moon, and if you are a teacher you know that this means CrAzY kids (no, really! I didn't believe it when I first started teaching, but you really can tell!). Good thing it's also hump day!

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