Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Positive Self-Talk

Although this will be a short post today, I HAVE to share a great correlation I've been seeing lately:

Exercise = Positive Self-Talk!

As someone who has and continues to struggle with very demeaning and damaging self-talk since I can remember, this is very new to me! Now that I am well into a streak of exercising nearly every day, I am discovering a small but stubborn voice emerging in my head while I exercise. No, I'm not struggling with multiple personality disorder :) Call it happy endorphins or whatever, when I am exercise I am starting to tell myself messages such as, "YOU ARE STRONG", "YOU'VE GOT THIS", "NOTHING CAN STOP YOU NOW!". It's absolutely fantastic! The best part about it, is that it is not forced. When I'm exercising, I no longer have to try to convince myself that I can do this- I actually believe I can. 

This doesn't mean it's been easy, nor does it mean that I'm doing anything extraordinary. But for some reason, this time I must be providing my body with what it needs to feel just a little healthier every day, and my body is responding with happy messages flying through my brain.

Let this weight-loss, health-gain, self discovery process continue!

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  1. Positive self-talk is really effective! I found that when I was working on building up mileage. Telling myself that I could make it always helped.