Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week Recap: Mind Plateaus, Diet Bets, and the 100 Challenge

I have so much to talk about today, and simply can't wait another day to blog about all three of these topics, so I'm just going to consider this a "weekly recap" - a mixed bag of all of the things on my mind this week.

First, let's talk about this week's plateau. Weight-wise, I have been bouncing around the same 2-3 pounds this week, and I'm pretty frustrated about it. I have been putting in the work, exercise wise, but as the week progressed, my mind took a negative turn and I found myself going back to some of my old eating habits. 

After reading other people's weight loss success stories, there always seems to be a point where the blogger is doing everything right, and the scale is not moving - the dreaded PLATEAU! Let me be clear - this is NOT what I'm going through right now. I know exactly why my scale did not move this week, and now that I have acknowledged it, I can move on and get my diet back under control. I absolutely HATE that I'm counteracting all of this great exercise with awful eating habits, and that is going to stop immediately.

This, as you can image, is making me a little nervous about my DietBet challenge. I actually ended up joining two DietBets- one 4-week challenge headed by Alex Respess from Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition and one 6 month challenge called "The Transformer" (you can read my initial thoughts about DietBet here). The good news? I managed to lose enough weight in the first two and a half weeks to make my 4-week challenge early - so I should have no problem staying the course and meeting my goal. As for Round 1 of the transformer bet, I'm a little nervous because of this week's lack of progress, so we'll have to see how this goes! I'm still very happy that I am participating, as it is a small reminder every time I make choices about food or exercise that I will immediately be held responsible and that there will be monetary ramifications for not meeting my goals :) (sometimes weight loss and overall health rewards are a little too slow - I often need more immediate gratification/consequences)

And then there was the 100 Challenge - 100 leg kicks, push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks per day for a whole month (what am I, CRAZY?). I'm calling last week a "trial run" before starting the first official day today. It is the first of the month, anyway! I learned a couple of really important things during my trial run:
  1. Jumping jacks, push-ups, and squats will all be modified for this month. Someday I hope to revisit this when I can do all of these the non-modified way, but for now, if I have ANY chance of even coming close to this goal, I need to modify. This means doing chair squats, wall push-ups, and lower impact jumping jacks - hey, it's better than just sitting on the couch
  2. It's going to hurt. A LOT! After day three of my trial run, I went to bed laughing and crying all at the same time, because every single muscle in my whole body was soar, and I hadn't even completed all of my squats for the day. I'm not all about pain= gain all of the time, but I definitely liked the feeling of knowing I had pushed my muscles to the max. There wasn't a ton of next-day soreness, though, so I know I'm not injuring myself, just pushing harder than I am used to
  3. This will be one of those goals were I will practice not being a perfectionist, and instead listen to my body. My goal each day is to reach 100 of each, along with continuing to walk 5-6 times/week. Some days I will hit this goal, some days I won't, but each day that I participate will be a day I will be getting stronger. This is nothing like my healthy eating goal. For this month, I want to stay away from refined carbs and sugar. Unlike the 100 challenge, this diet change is 100% possible, and I expect to reach this goal every day this next month, and will be more disappointed if I miss a day.
There we go! A recap of last week and a plan for the rest of the month - bring it on March (but please, not too much more snow or cold weather - I can't take it anymore!!)


  1. Good luck with your goals for this month! i've been thinking about joining dietbet but like you i'm a bit anxious that i won't get the moeny back :)
    Love Julia xxx

  2. So proud of you, Jen. Keep working your plan, keep journaling, keep blogging and keep doing those exercises no matter what modifications need to be made. You can do this!!!