Thursday, April 10, 2014

My First 5K

I didn't necessarily mean for it to happen. That is, I didn't step out onto the sidewalk this afternoon and think, "It's a great day to walk my first 5k!" As a matter of fact, it had been quite a crummy day, and all I wanted to do was push myself and get some happy endorphins going. Lo and behold, I look at my "Map My Walk" App at the end of my walk and see this:

Now, to be fair, I knew I had walked further than 2.5 miles, as I have done portions of this route before, but I was completely ecstatic to see that I had broken the 5K barrier. No, my time is not stellar, but I am so darn proud to say that I can walk this distance!

Although the overall time is slow, I do have to be proud of my split times as well (sorry, most of this info is cut off, but mile 1 and 2 were a bit over 20:00, and mile three was 23). When I first began "seriously" walking in January, I was walking nearly a 30 minute mile, so to have cut almost 10 minutes/mile off that time is a huge achievement as well.

Being inspired by Katie at Runs for Cookies, I think I am going to try to walk/jog/run/craw my way through a 5K race and invite some of my friends and family to join me (either as a cheerleader or as a racer). Not only could I potentially cross this off the bucket list that started this whole blog in the first place, but also just to celebrate the changes I have been making this year.


  1. Great job!! This is only the beginning! Sign up for that 5K and make it your BITCH!

  2. Woohoo! This is so awesome! If you're thinking about doing a 5K event, just sign up now. You have no idea how much more motivation that will give you to keep it going.