Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Secret Wogging Escapade

Tonight after working at school for awhile, I came home and was completely inspired by the weather to go wogging (walking + jogging). I haven't wogged in my adult life, and now that I am feeling a little stronger, I've been wanting to try, but too afraid to do it in front of ANYONE. Tonight, however, after the sun went down, it was still beautiful outside (60 degrees!) and the air was completely saturated from it raining all day. Everything smelt like spring, and I just couldn't help myself. I had to spend some time outside, and since it was dark and no one would be seeing me, I thought I'd try wogging!

Being the weight I am, I know that wogging for any long distance is not going to be good for my joints, nor have I built up the stamina to sustain it for long periods of time, so I just challenged myself to wog in between streetlamps on my outdoor loop, and it worked nicely! My heart rate was definitely elevated, but I didn't feel like I was pushing myself too far, and nothing was hurting, so I think I was careful enough- we'll see if there is any pain tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will begin wogging on a regular basis yet. I'd like to keep working on increasing my speed and distance in walking along with some strength training, but I'll definitely keep trying it from time to time.

I hope that in a few months I can look back fondly on this moment with a sense of "look how far I've come!", but for now I will go to bed satisfied that I tried something new today, and had some fun in the process!

For those of you who are runners/joggers/wogger - what was your first running event like? I love to be inspired by your stories!


  1. I started running on the treadmill at 289 pounds in November 2010. I would run short distances and then walk. When spring hit, I started to run outside a little and went - like you did - light post to light post. There were times I thought I would die. I can CLEARLY remember THAT day in May 2011. I got dressed in workout clothes on my lunch our and made my way to a local park feeling like an impostor. I began to run - keeping my eyes straight ahead. I ran down a path turned around and back up and then down again and back up. I made it to ONE MILE. I was so excited - it was the first time in my life I had run a mile outside!! It took 16 minutes. I went back to work on CLOUD NINE. I was so excited. There have been other milestones - my first 5K race, the first time I ran double digits, completing a half-marathon - but that first time I ran a mile? It sticks to me.

  2. I first ran a 5K after I had lost all my weight. it was a huge deal for me and I've never forgotten it.